NFL Universal Remote Control

…this guy seems legit. :slight_smile:

In for one!

How much for the key?

Go Saints! In for 3!


What’s next? The UPN VHS tape rewinder?

how often do woot-offs take place

Does Woot ever dump an item if it isn’t selling? DUMP IT please.

i am doing everyone a favor… i’d give a dollar to help move this POS along so that the BOC can show up.

I have owned Phillips remotes, Universal Remotes, Crestron and AMX systems and I can tell you first hand that these Excalibur remotes are the best out of all of them!!! They are so good in fact that I have 27 of them through out my castle and would never replace a single one of them!!!

So buy one quick before they are gone!!!

this sh*t just got real

This is effin cool as a gift for them football junkie’s

I’ll take 3 keys.

How has this not sold out quicker? This has to be the greatest thing Woot has ever sold.

thats what she said!!!1

ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh face


woot-off killer



I bought 3 of these. 1 for a white elephant exchange at work, and the other two for pseudo gag gifts for my brother and father.

Or even THROW it away!