NFL Universal Remote Control

come on guys, buy this so you can watch the big game on sunday

Usually 1x per month.

What color will the monkey capes be?

Yes! please! up his order to THREE!

OK guys, let’s think of some things we can DO with these. It’s the only way we’ll get on to the next item.

For 5 bucks, they’d make great stocking stuffers. (buy three - that’s only $17)

Super Bowl Party Favors?

Line them up on your windowsill, to reduce drafts.

Use two to stuff your bra.

Give them as gag gifts at the next “Personal enjoyment toy” party you throw.

More ideas?

Wait, what?

Yes they do… after 12 hours :frowning:

there has been no abc monday night football since 2005, go excalibur

I’m actually amazed that Woot has sold even one of these.

3 and out.

This makes throwing the remote much easier.

Give me a break, get over it. And no, I’m not like that. Be sure not to watch TV, something might offend you there too.

I say red this time

Wait… You throw “Personal enjoyment toy” parties? …Pics or it didn’t happen.

bring on croutons!

I’m hungry

Talk about a woot-stopper…aren’t there any bubbas out in woot-land that want this POS??

some may have actually believed you and purchased one if you wouldn’t have said 27. Lower the number next time and ur sarcasm may help us

Who buy this crap?

did you buy one first to “support the cause”?


I don’t care what you say I’m in for 3!