NFL Vintage Metal Signs

Somehow the one for the Patriots “Obey the Rules” is just begging for comments.

And a personal bone to pick about the Washington sign…

In 1932 they were in Boston going by the name “Braves.” George Preston Marshall moved the team to DC and renamed them the Washington Redskins in 1937.

The Redskins organization always celebrated anniversaries based on the 1937 date until the current ownership, which decided to revise the date back to 1932.

Redskins Band November 1961

Redskins 50th patch 1986

Redskins “75th” patch 2007

Redskins “80th” patch 2012

At first I didn’t see it in the sale and I thought the whole thing was an extremely elaborate joke. A few months late, but it takes time to manufacture vintage signs.

Vintage signs should have vintage logos.

That moment every sign (saying “Obey the Rules”) has sold out except the Patriots…

Considering I’m from Ohio, I would expect the Browns sign to say ‘Help Wanted’.

As a Pats fan, I’m amused by the irony of a sign that reads “Obey the Rules Patriots!”