NFL Watch - 29 Teams

**Item: **NFL Watch - 29 Teams
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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NFL Watch - 29 Teams
Price: $34.99
Condition: New

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NFL Watch - 29 Teams
Price: $34.99
Condition: New

Thank God! They still have the Jaguars!

For those not reading the description, missing teams are Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers and St. Louis Rams

HAHA! Thanks! :slight_smile:

No love for the Rams.

Extra love for the Seahawks! I know a great gift for my fellow Seattle guys when I see one.

Let’s read some very helpful water resistant watch quick facts courtesy of the O


Well, my Christmas shopping has now officially started! Bought 3 Steelers! A gift for myself, of couse, my brother and my best friend. As NFL watches go this is a pretty good looking watch. They’re usually pretty plain, as these are, but this one has some character. It’s a good size, 45mm, the hour markers are plain but unique to these type of watches as is the band.

Anyone know if these are good quality? I hate gimmicky things like this that break really quick. If these are legit quality, I’m in. Go Broncos!!!

I sure hope they are! Most NFL watches I’ve seen over the last few years have run about $35 list price. I know that’s not necessarily a trustworthy indicator, but as NFL watches go, I hope the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true in this case. Every site I looked at before I bought had them at $59.95, incl. Amazon. Actually, Amazon’s price ends up being about $51 because they are giving 15% off at checkout. The only thing that gave me pause was that just the case back is stl stl, but I got over it cause I wouldn’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing or not! I just know that I’ve been burned in the past when it came to not ordering Steeler items quick enough, so I jumped! If you buy one I hope you have good luck!

NOTE: lichme’s Amazon link didn’t take me where I wanted to go so this is my link!

I wish these where slightly better looking watches I would buy 3. Plastic bands just look cheap,

These bands are rubber so get out your wallet!

Football makes boxing look peaceful. I. Hate. Football.

And Richie Incognito

Don’t hold back now…tell us what you really think! Ya know it’s a shame you don’t like the game because with four arms you’d probably be a heck of a receiver! Though you might have a tough time finding a helmet that would fit that head of yours! I know…look who’s talking!

Hey woot, you wouldn’t by chance know if the hands and markers are luminous would you? I already ordered three so this is just a curiosity question for me but I imagine others would appreciate the info. It just looks to me, by the small circle on the second hand and the ‘panels’ on the hands, that they may be. Thx

When I first saw this Woot, I thought what a super idea, and I should get at least 4 or 5 of them to help us push our team over a little hump. But that little hump is really not so little by any standard. So I guess I should go on to a better idea, because the “Big Blue Giants” need a miracle to get over an 0 & 6 start. Maybe we can hope for some first round draft picks.