NGK Standard Spark Plug

Max 3 spark plugs? This is perfect for my 3 cylinder car!

I came here to post the same thing… Well played sir… Well played

LOL. I upped the limit to 6.

Oh sure – exclude those who have a vehicle with an engine that’s a dual spark (Nissan NAPS), V8, W8, I8, V10, V12, W12, V16, and for those of you who have a Bugatti, a W16.

More seriously, some more specs like the part number would be helpful. Spark plugs come in various heat ranges, length, depth, thread size, and connection. Not any Woot staff’s fault, of course; this was bot curated.

Added the model number in the title. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated. So if someone need a heat range 9 resistor plug, 14mm thread, 3/4" reach …

Now that it’s know it’s not for automotive engines, the limit isn’t an issue now. Think tractors, riding mowers, large generators, snow mobiles, etc.