NHL & NBA Heritage Banners



Get better teams other than crappy boston! yeah!

The selection is amazing.

That’s the thing, being a Boston fan I was considering buying one of each. Then I went to the individual pages and there is a dropdown list to select the team you want so there is actually a wider selection than it appears, but there is NO BRUINS BANNER EVEN AVAILABLE.

This is actually becoming an epedemic with Woot!, where they are now extremely frequently using cover images for sales that suggest they feature products which are not actually in the sale, as well as using product images that include features or accessories that are not included.

You would think that the mothership connection (tear the roof off the mother-suckah) would give them the resources to be able to use accurate images, but instead it seems to have just removed the pride that the Woot! staff once had in doing a good job with the site and finding good deals and replaced it with apathy and/or incompetence. Either that or the several days to weeks long delay whenever I need to contact support is indicative of a basic lack of manpower and too few are simply being asked to do too much.

TL,DR: Woot! is dead, long live Woot!

Well here’s the thing…these items have been posted for like the fourth or fifth time. Each instance has fewer teams. Soooo…your best shot at getting the team you wanted was when the banners went live the first time as all the teams were there. I know for a fact that the Penguins and the Bruins were in the first sale…

Trust me, I have my issues with Woot but we really shouldn’t expect them to remake an item image just because that particular color scheme is no longer available. Plus they’re given the picture to use, they don’t make them.

I love you. Seriously, I love you deeply now. Are you married?

and NO quality post? strange love :slight_smile:

Damn! Of course the one time they have anything Buffalo related there isn’t any in stock, drats!

Was totally going to pick up the Sabres one for my little brother’s birthday, sadly now I cannot. :frowning:

No Kings??? No Blues?? Granted, the Blues haven’t changed their logo since before the beatles… actually, before beetles. But, their fan base is rabid. The Kings are the NHL Champions. Little tip for ya…there are a LOT of people in LA.

My love runs deeper than a Quality Post. But I have bestowed one as a demonstration of my love.

OK, ThunderThighs now loves you and that was clearly worth your post, but your post doesn’t really refute my statements since they were about this sale of these banners and not about any previous ones that I may not have seen.

The bottom line is that they used the Bruins banner as the cover photo in a sale that did not include that banner. The Bruins banner was not offered in this sale and then made unavailable because it sold out, it was never included at all. Within the sale they then used the images for all of the banners that are actually for sale, any of which could have been used as a more accurate cover photo.

My issue is that they clearly have pictures that represent the items being sold, since they go on to use them within the sale. Rather than just use one of those such images for the cover page of the sale, they use something that is not even listed.

I agree that if the Bruins banner was for sale, and if the only picture available for that item also happened to feature a Bruins tea cozy knit by ThunderThighs’ grandmother, then going ahead and using it could be the only course of action since they can’t always take their own pictures. This situation, however, is more like the times when they have a ‘knife’ sale cover page that has a cover image displaying Kershaw knives, then you go into the sale and not a single knife made by Kershaw is even included.

It is sloppy and lazy, and because this is the internet I am honor bound to mountainize this molehill by flinging whatever flying monkey poo I have at my disposal!

Can you re-name this, “Crap from Boston You Don’t Want”