NHL Embossed Leather Wallets

I bought one of these around Christmas from Woot and it is a nice wallet. You can’t George Costanza it, but for some credit cards and cash it works just fine. And the Flyers logo makes it look even better!

Ugh, TRI-FOLD? You gotta be kidding me! [sarcasm] If there is one thing I love, it is getting a poorly triple folded $5 bill. It just says “professionalism” all over it. [/sarcasm].

Some of us are still bitter that Atlanta’s last hockey team had a bunch of clueless incompetent owners who were more interested in suing each other than figuring out how to A) run a profitable hockey team, or B) figure out how to assemble a team that can compete and win (hint - Hire a competent General Manager, and then fire him if he doesn’t improve the team to playoff level within three to five years). The one season the Thrashers made the playoffs, the arena was PACKED! Atlanta loves WINNING sports teams and tends to ignore losing ones.

They put a crappy product out on the ice then blame the Atlanta fans for not coming out to support a team that can’t make it to the post-season to save their lives, and then up and sells the team to Winnipeg instead of finding ownership who will keep the team in Atlanta - and perhaps even run it well…

There’s a special extra-warm place reserved in Hades for people like the Atlanta Spirit Group (the Atlanta Thrashers former ownership group).

I’m not getting the Costanza reference. I watched Seinfeld, but that one doesn’t stand out. Does it mean overstuffing your wallet?

P.S. Has anybody noticed Woot’s April Fool joke? T-h-e is getting changed to t-e-h, t-o-o to t-o, t-h-e-r-e to t-h-e-y-’-r-e, y-o-u-r to y-o-u-’-r-e and W-o-o-t to W-o-o-f. There are probably others, also.

Pretty bummed that the Wings wallet is all sold out. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Damn hockeytown fans!

You tell the story much more eloquently than I. The atmosphere of those playoff games was like nothing I’ve experienced before. The rafters were shaking and it was incredibly loud. I miss hockey.