Niasca Portofino Ligurian Pesto

Niasca Portofino Ligurian Pesto

2.83 oz…I’ll make my own for 3.00…


I didn’t realize that authentic Ligurian pesto had glucose syrup as an ingredient.

Your description says it has garlic but the label says “no garlic”. Flip a coin?

For 25 bucks I can make at least a pound of pesto with high quality ingredients. It is something that requires no specialized equipment, no long drawn out process or secret recipe, no specialized hard to find ingredients and the best thing is after a day I can throw out the leftovers and not worry about 20 bucks of it going rancid. This might be the worst gourmet woot ever and that’s saying a lot.

Edit— I just looked at the label closely. It’s imported by Colavita. If it’s using their olive oil I can probably make 2 or 3 pounds for 25 bucks.

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This “deal” is so ridiculous I just cannot pass up leaving a comment. What is so different about this than the Ligurian Pesto 7.1 oz for $12.90? Both are from Niasca Portofino. The label even looks the same.

Meanwhile, even though it is out of stock, the exact item is $8.90

Even with the ridiculous shipping cost of $9.90, it’s still cheaper than here.

Any pesto that contains ascorbic acid (basically Vit C–used as a preservative and to keep a pretty green color) ends up tasting weird. Plus, like others have said, $25 for a tiny jar of pesto is utterly ridiculous–even if it was handmade by the Pope! Hard pass. You can do SO MUCH BETTER, Woot!

Hi there. The one we are selling has no garlic. I’ll working on getting the features corrected.

Meanwhile, even though it is out of stock, the exact item is $8.90

I saw that one when I did a Google search. I didn’t post it because it is out of stock. Also, it appears that you only get one jar of 2.82 oz pesto. The Woot “deal” is for 4 jars.

Just a laughable “deal” here. Thanks for a nice chuckle, Woot.