Nicholson Ranch 2006 Chardonnay Sonoma Valley Estate - Four Pack

Nicholson Ranch 2006 Chardonnay Sonoma Valley Estate - Four Pack
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Condition: White
Product: 4 Nicholson Ranch 2006 Chardonnay Sonoma Valley Estate
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33% new oak. So, how oakey is the wine? Oak bomb?

Goes for $24 on their website. So, not even accounting for shipping this deal is over 50% off. Since I literally have no white wine right now and have sorta been craving chardonnay for some reason, think I’ll take a flier on this one. In fer one.

I’m cruising through this area for a work thing tomorrow. Tempted to stop in on my way back home and taste this if available and of course some Pinot.

If I do, I’ll post back.

When the cheese will not go to the rat, the rat must go to the cheese.

This could be really good depending on where the vines are and the style that the winemaker was going for.

So, wine rep: where are the vineyards and what style were you going for? Cali bomb? White Burg? A hybrid?

$25/bottle + ship at

also saw this info regarding the wine in the description:

Tasting notes
this chardonnay has an appealing golden straw complexion. The nose reflects the coolness of the vintage and offers hints of orange blossoms and notes of white pepper. On the palate the wine has tropical fruit andcitrus minerality. This wine is perfectly approachable now and will age gracefully for 2 - 4 years.

Looks like a great deal, but I’d like to know more more about the wine from anyone familiar with it. The 07’ on their website sounded more appealing “layers of flavor like brioche and honeydew melon.”

What was the other 67% in? Older oak? Steel? Cement? Redwood?

I think people that throw out the word oak bomb are missing some very nice oaked chards. Certainly oak shouldn’t be the only thing you taste, but there are some very fine cali “oak bombs” out there. A nice balance of oak, mineral, acidity, and, yes, butter, are really what I look forward to.

Not sure exactly what this will be, but in for one!

I’m in for Two, need to play Make-up after a Security system expenditure that was unannounced to the wife till yesterday whan I told her, “Hey Babe, I bought an entirely new Security system”.

Anyway, is this where I put in the request to be a “LabRat” and tell how good this wine is? I am in need of some White after the cases of Boss Monster and Havens I have now.

Willing to give up the goods on it’s Oakiness and such as your LabRat.

Waves of Nostalgia…

June 29, 2006-my first Wine Woot-Nicholson Ranch Pinot Quartet

3 1/2 years later…

In for two…

Dude, you’re a dollar short and a day (two, actually) late. Rattage comes with the Monday wine.

Too good to pass up…inferone…betcha I get it before my Havens order, which still hasn’t shipped after 10 days. Arrgghhh.

WD - looking to serve this at a party at end of January. Will it make it to CT in time? Thanks!

I am not an expert on this but, the vines are in the Sonoma Valley on an estate and the style they were going for is Chardonnay.

More whites for the cellar indeed! We were pleasantly surprised with the Firestone Chard from weeks past, which is why I need more!

“It was a woman who drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it” - Mark Twain

The wife will be pleased that I finally wine wooted for something other than red. Plus she can get rid of that big box of white swill in the fridge. In for two.

Clearly, I’m worthless and weak. I know nothing about this wine. I probably will stop there on my way home tonight to see if I can sample and see if I like it. The winemaker has not chimed in as of yet, but I’m in for one.

I have visited this winery a couple of times. Although I’m a red wine drinker, I usually leave here with a bottle of chardonnay - one of the few I purchase on the annual trip to Napa/Sonoma. So for a red wine drinker, I think their chardonnays are very good.

Scenic small winery on a hillside very near the highway that goes from 101 to Napa just south of Sonoma (I forget the number). I believe some of their vineyards are onsite, but don’t remember the grape.
Fun atmosphere…on our first visit, a Friday, I think, the hosts had sliced the top off a bottle of sparkling wine with a knife, and were drinking it. I believe they said it was a Friday afternoon tradition.

With so many wineries, they have to be good to merit a return visit from me, and we returned (and purchased again) here. That’s my endorsement…in for one.