Nicholson Ranch Chardonnay - Four Pack

Writing Woot descriptions must be the best job in the world :slight_smile:

for YEARS i’ve been attempting to create a ranch-flavored wine. looks like someone beat me to it.

Need more red, Not white!!! ARGGHHH!!!

They’ve been running reds for weeks…it was time for some white…

Cellartracker link
FWIW - 83-84pts, 4 reviews. (not familiar with the site)
In the category of: Chardonnay - $30.00 & Over - 2009 Award Winners

  • 2007 Nicholson Ranch Estate = Double Gold
  • 2006 Nicholson Ranch Estate = Bronze

Bought this when it was previously listed on wine.woot. I believe it was the same price. I was/am happy with the purchase!

Yea Wine!

want more merlot! Anything but Chardonnay.

14.7% abv! I nearly spat my coffee (again, I’m sure I did that last time).

I bought this when it was previously offered (same price). I figured can’t go wrong at $11/bottle. Very decent chard. Don’t have my notes with me (sitting at hubby’s work computer), but I can tell you that it is not overly California, but still more Cali in style. I do appreciate both the French and Cali styles: I enjoy a nice butteriness when the temp is right and the blend smooth and well integrated; I also enjoy a more fruit-forward, less buttery, crispness. (For instance, I love me some white Burgundy, as well as both Ridge Santa Cruz and Montebello). As stated, this veers more towards the buttery side, but without being oaky or over-the-top.

Definitely worth the price for something to open and have for a couple of days (it also withstands the vac-u-vin, put-in-the-fridge for a day or two test). Especially if you’re a have a little white before your red kinda person like I am.

I do tend to drink my whites while making dinner, so I don’t have any pairing notes.

Hope this helps!!

it would seem that from the descriptions in cellar tracker, it looks to have a prominent oak monster.

Waiting to use the term: The Super Oak Beast.

I have a case of this from a previous wine.woot

It’s an interesting wine… I’d have to say a strong “thick” flavor. Heavy oak for sure.

My $.02

I bought this last time it was up on Woot because I’ve been to Nicholson Ranch and I LOVED it there and can’t find any of their wine in MI. Even though I like red better than white, I thought it would be nice to have some white on hand and I actually really liked this bottle of Chardonnay. Not a bad price either.

Winery web site for those interested in such things.

Oh, and, if this is still being offered when I get home I will open my last bottle for more tasting notes if so desired. Although, I do have a bottle of CLos du Val Chard open, so if no one is interested I may not risk it. Never mind that this offering may be long gone by then since I am on West Coast time.

Welp, first wine.woot after weeks of standing on the edge. Here’s hoping for awesome!

Wow, wine woot-off is making this a much better day! Would love to see some Rhone whites. Think the wine-drinking will start earlier today. All of this wine is making me thirsty!

Dang, not to Vermont. See TN got added, now no VT on the last couple. Guess I’m waiting.

I’m the owner of the 79 score on CT. I had another bottle not too long ago and that bottle was consistent with my notes. Like another person above said, this wine is thick. I thought it had the texture of milk. If you’re wanting crisp, fresh, clean fruit… this is not it.