Nicholson Ranch Estate 2001 Pinot Noir Quartet



$27.95 - Wine Express (no longer avaliable)

Winery’s Homepage (Notes on this wine)

This wine is hard to find right now. The wineries website does not even have it listed. I actually have had this wine, and though it was a long time ago, I remember liking it.


alright bdomine, I see how you are. beating me to first buyer status. the nerve.


Where is the wine woot podcast man i would be so much more likely to check it if there was a podcast but this looks like some good stuff reds more reds i love reds umm but i guess i will wait for the reviews


Wow, this sounds good. Anyone tried this wine before? I love a good Pinot Noir, but when they’re bad… shudder.

<<Insert witty Sideways reference here>>


I am in for a case. This is an outstanding wine, typically costing $25+ retail, closer to $50 in a resturant.



Oooh… I had a hunch we’d get some Pinot Noir this week, and this looks like a good one. Looks like another case for me.

woot… you guys are gonna have to come up with a large refrig unit SOON!!!


Yes, bdomine, what is your secret? You have quite a streak going.


A 92 from Parker??? Or is that for the vintage?

“This Estate Bottled Sonoma Pinot Noir is ultra-ripe and delicious. The estate is located in Sonoma Valley bordering the Carneros region. They produce extremely small quantities of artisan quality wine that should not be missed. Wine Advocate Vintage Rating: 92”


And the winery shows this review, with an 88 rating:

2001 Pinot Noir Estate

“Good medium red. Aromatic nose of strawberry, currant and earth; less spicy than the 2000. Fatter and sweeter in the mouth, with a flavor of crystallized strawberry. Still, I’d like to have seen a bit more nuance.” – Stephen Tanzer, International Wine Cellar"


A middle ranking of many PN’s from “Affairs of the Vine”:

"Nicholson Ranch 2001 Pinot Noir, Sonoma Valley, $45
435 cases produced
Foresty aromas of spruce and earth complement textbook cherry cola and high toned red currant. Another example of what Sonoma Valley can produce.
(83.3) "


I’m in for a quartet!


This is a great Pinot Noir… for comparison, here’s a link to all 2001 Pinot Noir’s on Shopzilla. The Pinot Noir in question is at the top of the list… but there’s plenty of others with woot-like prices (but still nowhere close to as amazing as woot’s hook-ups).


I was actually scared i wouldn’t get first sucker tonight, I had a hockey game that started at 845 and luckily it ended and i was able to get to the locker room, where I got to my laptop at 959 (west coast time) thank god for wireless access. Thats 5 in a row i hope you don’t ruin my streak next week! :wink:


No secret, just lucky and really quick on the f5 key.


$12.92 per bottle, delivered, if you buy a case. Compare that to the typical price of about $30/bottle plus shipping.

I do believe this is the best bargain woot has come up with so far.

I assume we will get the inside scoop on why we are getting such a deal before the week is out, but I’m not going to delay, because this might actually sell out.


For posterity’s sake:

Nicholson Ranch Estate 2001 Pinot Noir Quartet
$49.99+ $5 shipping


Has anyone had wine sent to Indiana? How long will it spend on a truck in 90 degree heat?


Why isn’t the blog all about Jack Nicholson? That would have been genius.


Exicted to get to drink this one, pity i have to wait for it to get shipped and delivered…