Nickent 4DX Pro Forged Sand and Gap Wedge


my first first post! Woot Info Post
Woot scootin’ boogie -

Nickent 4DX Pro Forged Sand and Gap Wedge [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Nickent 4DX Pro Forged 56 degree Sand Wedge, 1 * Nickent 4DX Pro Forged 52 degree Gap Wedge

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Lots of potential father’s day presents today…are you trying to tell us something, Woot?

Great deal. Buy this if you like golf.

Woot, your number 1 choice for baby toys, purses and golf equipment!

The BOC has exactly 48 minutes until American Idol come on!

open faced sand wedge droooollll

Woot! You’re not listening!

Fairway woods! I need fairway woods!

This will go well with my beach themed briefcase.

Didn’t want the golf putters from 3 minutes ago, don’t want these wedges either…

I am a great “playe” myself…I need some good “playe’s iron’s”

son of a bi tch noone plays golf here, mostly, they mostly watch cartman on soutpark and eat hot pockets, mostly.

golf clubs are awesome

Well, What Have You Got To Say For Yourself?
A message of love? A message of hope? A message about interminable shipping delays?

Love and hope are four-letter words, too.

nickent made good clubs too bad they went out of business


ugh - talk about a b ag of cr ap…

Golf wut? Ceiling cat is displeased with the holes in his windows.