Nick's Sticks Beef Snack Sticks (25)

$3 bucks less than current Amazon price? C’mon fellas…

Best by date is 10/01/18, but delivery date is 10/16/18 - 10/19/18. Is the best by date correct?

So, barely less than Amazon price for soon-expired meat sticks @ $2 a pop.


Groupon has it for 20.99 for 32 sticks. Even regular price is 26
They should put these in a bucket of concrete cause nobody is buying them.

Amazon even has these at 24 for 36.99. So not much better than normal Amazon price
Nick’s Sticks 100% Grass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks - Gluten Free - No Antibiotics or Hormones

Looks like the Trump tarriffs hit the slim jim market hard.

Well it looks like this is 25x2 packs whereas the Groupon is 8x2 and Amazon is 12x2.

So Groupon: 20.99/16 = $1.31/stick
Amazon: 36.19/24 = $1.51/stick
Woot: 54.99/50 = $1.10/stick

We got the meats!

Wooty’s sauce coming soon.