Nicolau Farms Quatro Half Wheel

Nicolau Farms Quatro Half Wheel

Would consider buying but the wedge I received in my last order here from Nicolau Farms wasn’t even 2.5# (the supposed low end) of the weight range. And, really, at this price all of the wedges should be the same approximate weight as opposed to having a possible half pound variance.

Did you enjoy the cheese? how was the flavor? Were the peppercorns a nice taste treat?

I was also disappointed that my last half wheel was 2.3 pounds, had they just said 2.5 pounds, I would have understood being a bit under, but if you state a wide range, be in it. With that said, the cheese was quite good. A bit on the Parmesan end of the spectrum, but quite tasty. I ordered the Capra Stanislaus, so I can’t comment on the peppercorn, but I don’t doubt the quality here.

I’m not very understanding of the variance in weight given the price per pound
If we were playing the lottery then maybe I would be more forgiving

Buy A Scale For-F-Sake
Go to any deli and ask for a pound of cheese… give or take a half pound and let me know what happens

PS… I’m not questioning the quality
PPS… Yes, I know you would pay more per pound at the deli and the equation would balance~ish

mine was 2.28#. and it was very tasty but I’m not willing to risk getting yet another underweight cheese wedge when the cost here is $13.33 per pound. That’s almost $7 (or more) that you’ve thrown away if you are unlucky enough to get 2.5# or less wedge.