Nicolaysen Vineyards Mini-Vertical

Nicolaysen Family Vineyards Late Harvest Pinot Blanc Mini-Vertical 2-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $100.00) 35% off List Price
2002 Nicolaysen Family Vineyards Late Harvest Pinot Blanc, Bien Nacido Vineyard 375ml
2003 Nicolaysen Family Vineyards Late Harvest Pinot Blanc, Bien Nacido Vineyard 375ml

Winery website

I bought 2 sets, and suspect bkarlan was the 2nd one buying 2 sets. Since IIRC, he likes his dessert wines. :wink:

Edit: For those following, mill’s in Florida, I’m in California, and it must be bkarlan lighting up New Mexico.

Wow this looks interesting! Can’t resist.

Great stuff! Just had the 2003 tonight. Nice bit of age on it. Pretty thick, almost syrupy. Dark golden color, a bit oxidized. Sweet but balanced. A little honey and brown sugar tasting with some baking spices, dried fig and apricot. Almost port like at this point, versus late harvest or ice wine (to compare).

Ding ding ding

I love Syrah more though

I’ve always held out hope for a return of either the Esoterica Late Harvest Viognier or the Shadow Canyon Paeonia Late Harvest Pinot Blanc. Having said that, I’m sure I could force myself to give this a whirl while I wait. :slight_smile:

I would love to have a chance at either of those but Kent told me in an email awhile back that there is not enough of the Esoterica LH Viognier for another woot offer and Shadow Canyon went out of business, so we are left with this instead.

Not sure if I can justify the cost of this offer. Black Tie dessert wine. Thinking…

Woot. You’re killing me, i just spent about 600-800 bucks during the past week on important stuff. Now you expect me to spend more on this???!?!

Shut up and take my money…

Price is way too high for this avg quality…pass…

Thus the “like” dessert wine. I love PS more. :wink:

Now if there was only someone out there with several bottles of each left … :tongue:

Must be missing something of this.

Winery website indicates:
2002 Bien Nacido Vineyard Late Harvest Pinot Blanc (375 ml) x $30 vs. Cesare’s indicated list price of $50. The 2003 was not listed on the website order form.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Just curious as to what the normal retail is before I purchase. Was ready to purchase…Now on the fence!

Just rechecked the winery website, A link takes you to the Paso Port Wine Company where it is indeed $50 per bottle for the 2002 and 2003 while the pdf order form on the winery website has the 2002 listed for $30…

WINES: # Bottles Price
2007 Our 11 x $20 =
2007 Torgy’s Vineyard Petit Sirah x $20 =
2001 Alisos Vineyard Syrah x $38 =
2001 Alisos Vineyard Late Harvest Gewürztraminer (375 ml) x $55 =
2002 Brianna’s Vineyard Syrah x $35 =
2002 Alisos Vineyard Syrah x $38 =
2002 Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah x $44 =
2002 Bien Nacido Vineyard Late Harvest Pinot Blanc (375 ml) x $30 =
2002 Alisos Vineyard Late Harvest Gewürztraminer (375 ml) x $50 =
Sampler Case (price reflects 15% discount) x $421 =

“Confused”!..I guess the price increased for this woot. No other logical explanation.

The 2003 was very nice, but I think at this price point it’s a pass…

Edit: Looking at Cellartracker confirms the lackluster pricepoint if this were for 2x2003 at least.

Like me. :tongue:

Hey woot or winery rep, may we get an explaination on this?

This was a nice wine, and Cesare’s notes pretty much sum up my impressions and the consensus at our Gathering Labratting yesterday afternoon.

The issue is the price. If you’re a serious fan of late harvest wines, drink them regularly, and buy them regularly whenever they come up, think about this one.

I drink late harvest wines infrequently. I enjoy them thoroughly when I do, but wouldn’t want a steady diet of them. When I allocate limited wine budget dollars, the QPR here doesn’t scream “must buy it”.

Hey there bharlan, Steve here from PasoPort, to answer your question about the PDF order form you are referring to, That order form was created about 5 years ago when the winery was still operational and all the wines listed on the form were available for sale. The 2002 Pinot Blanc pricing on the list was before the wine became a limited library wine and before the 2003 Pinot Blanc was released. PasoPort acquired the Nicolaysen dessert wines less than a year ago and when the inventory was purchased by us we needed to re-price the wines based on what we aquired them. The woot offering price is actually the 2006/2007 pricing well before the wine received 94 Points in Wine Enthusiast, that rating just occurred in October, 2011, so in retrospect, the woot offering is essentially matching the price the wine was being sold for 5 years ago. Let me know if this answers your question.

Thanks. It did. I was in for 2 woots at midnight and I am glad to see that you are here to answer questions. Like Sparky mentioned early I am always in for dessert wines.

Glad to make the purchase.