Excellent choice, Mr. Pyle! Hands down the best entry of the derby.


I think if this hadn’t printed, there may have been a few angry villagers at Woot’s castle.


Mythologically accurate. Great design.


Come Hel or highwater, I wanted this shirt.

Great choice.


shirt.woot… converting members into Norse Pagans one shirt at a time. being my favorite


Ah, the Norse always find awesome/crazy ways of doing things. This design reminds me, I’ve told several family members that I may want a Viking-eque funeral pyre when I go.


as long as I get to fire the first flaming arrow


We tied for 3rd! (another 10 minutes of voting would have fixed that)
I always wanted to see what would happen with a tie.
Beautiful shirt, hellgram.


Yay, more Norse mythology! Certainly don’t see enough of it. I’m a sucker for anything Norse, so definitely in for one. :3


My girlfriend’s a Norse pagan, and she would’ve bought one if the shirt had the squirrel and/or lacked the comic book-style Loki’s helmet.


There have been a few ties in my lifetime here at woot. You get both shirts in one package for the price of one shirt.


One Helheim of a cool Norse shirt. And also perfect for gamers who think the Dreamcast will rise again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats Helgram!


OK. So I’ll admit it. I know NOTHING about Norse mythology, and even though I am a Metal fan, I have no Viking Metal in my collection. Anywho, the Hilarious story at least explained enough for me to comprehend the meaning behind this shirt. That being said, this is an awesome design that I…Must…Buy…Now!


A wonderful design; so glad to see it won. Especially fond of Thought and Memory perching on the tree.


A picture of the Nidhogg from the 17th century:


Huh. My Miracle-Gro root booster is acting strange…


Great job, nice design!


This is one of the most awesome Woot designs I have ever seen!


totally agree - I bought 2 so that when the first wears out I will have a spare… might be best woot shirt yet.