Nifty Grower 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

Nifty Grower 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

Picture lies. Only 50ft.

Grower not a shower.

Sooo which is it? 50 or 100

Depens on if the water is cold.


Is anyone else still seeing the garden hose as the current deal?

I am on some kind of delay in the browser.

Sorry for the confusion. It’s 50’.

It doesn’t make any sense. Each time I refresh the page, it goes from sold out item (i.e. Hose) to sold out item (chicken fryer), back to other sold out item. This keeps happening. By the time it refreshes the new item sometimes it is sold out or almost sold out. What is the problem? Is it the Internet pipe in to my city? No wonder I never get BOCs anymore.

That’s happening to me to. I am just sitting in the forum waiting, because the main page is about two deals off for me.

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That can happen when we sell a couple popular items with a small number to sell.

Yes, I understand that, but this has been happening all morning. I’ll see a sold out item for a few minutes and new one shows up in the corner feed as brand new, but when I click on it the item will either be at almost sold out or completely sold out. So, I’m just sitting in the forum hoping I’ll get a chance at something. Though, I did buy a t-shirt.

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All day for me. ???

Let me check in with the developers to see if they’re seeing anything on their side.