Night of the Ulric

Congrats Omar! Glad to see you broke out of your recent string of near misses with a boom!

Very nice. I love wolves :slight_smile: Congrats on the win omarfeliciano! In for a t-shirt.

Hm, I’d get this shirt, but I’m not sure what it might say.

nice color mix…wolf looks sad and/or lonely, but does have a tree growing through the eye, which may explain.

And boom goes the dynamite.

When I saw this in the Derby, I think I gasped. It’s just gorgeous! Congrats on this one.

Really like the use of the leaves to make the wolf. Wonderful job.

Decisions, decisions. Fox 1 or Fox 2.

This design is excellent. Great work.

I wanna take you home, yeah
I won’t do you no harm, no
You’ve got to be all mine, all mine
Ooh, foxy hoody

Thanks everyone who voted for my design! I still cant’ believe it, my first 1st Derby Champ!!!

You guys rock, all those awesome comments on the derby really made my whole week!

Hope to see you all on My Page

I’m so glad to see this one win. Its lovely.

I’m having a checking out issue. It says my payment was denied on three different cards… Highly doubtful that the cards gave the error. I already emailed shirt woot but has anyone else gotten this issue?

Love this one, great design!

If only it were a fox, you could have tapped into this:

What Does the Vulpini Say?

A reminder to everyone, this is NOT a fox, despite being colored somewhat orange and red. This is most definitely a wolf. :slight_smile:

Be careful what jokes you make, Woot. They might just transcend being a joke.

Thanks to woot!, I FINALLY know the difference between a fox and a wolf!


See and hear a wolf howl

Since I can see 7, yes 7, wolf decor items from where I’m sitting, and that’s just in this one room, I simply MUST buy this.

Congratulations on your first first, Omar, it’s spectacular!!

Wolves are better than foxes… there, I said it.

Congrats on your first place Omar! This really was the derby gem. :slight_smile: