Night of the Ulric

Congrats! This is a super design, I just knew it was a winner!

Nice job Omar! Great shirt.

Congratulations bro you deserve it…
Woot should

Sooooo happy this won; it’s stunning; in for one!

Great job, Omar! You earned this win!

This design MUST be available on a pet hoodie some day soon. Please!

Just two more wolves and a moon and people would sing about it.

What does the wolf say?

Congrats omarfeliciano!!!

Ah yeah, fantastic result Omar! This really suits the hoodie too.

Sizing chart? Offered as a pullover even in women’s sizes, but no sizing chart except for tees. Can anyone who has ordered one offer assistance?

Great pic! Just got my Paint It Black shirt in today, so gonna hold off on buying for now. Would like to see long-sleeve tee offerings in the future, great for fall wearing here in the upper midwest.

I was hoping sooo much when I looked at the derby that this one would win. I am going to order mine tonight when I get off work, it’s so amazing and I need more wolf shirts in my collection.

Looks like a wolf in fall colors. Speaking of carnivores, how about reprinting Run Away! Run Away! on hoodies and aprons and bags for trick-or-treat. Glow in the dark attack rabbits are perfect for howl-o-ween. The Rabbit Lady

Really lovely design. Congrats.

Sigh. The last shirt wasn’t masculine enough. This one’s just too manly. Waiting for that Goldilocks moment…

Beautiful design, by the way! Congrats to the artist for a much deserved win.

Congrats on first place omar!!!

Congrats, Omar!

Pullover hoodie sizing chart.

FWIW, I size down with these fleece hoodies; size L in t-shirts, size M in hoodies.

Well deserved 1st place. Totally amazing. Congrats!

Odd. I tend to have to size up in pullovers. I’m average height (5’9") and lanky (130lb). I wear a Small with woot shirts, no problem, but I get Large pullovers. I got a Medium first time around (Foxfall) and found it to be a little on the restricting side, particularly in the neck and overall length.