Night Owl 8Ch 720p System w/1TB HDD & 4 Cams

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Night Owl 8Ch 720p System w/1TB HDD & 4 Cams
Price: $139.99
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Is it possible to connect to WiFi cameras with this system or only wired cameras?

could I add 4 more cameras to the system?

It’s an 8 channel, so yes.

Not wireless?? :frowning:

Most wireless cameras are not wireless - how will you get power to the camera? Or will you use batteries and climb a ladder every week or two to replace them. What about batteries and cold weather? And if you have to run a power wire, why then tie-up your limited WiFi bandwidth with multiple 720pX29fps data streams? Frankly, Wired is the way to go.

And these are proper out door cameras. And this is a good price for 4 cameras plus an 8-channel DVR.

FWIW, you are unlikely to catch a criminal with video, unless a really serious crime, like homicide. What these cameras do is scare the sh*t out of the criminals and makes them move well beyond site range - which is what you really want.

Their systems only work with their cameras. So, I believe if you have the Night Owl PTZ camera, it will work. I could be wrong. I’ve had two of their systems.

And, this latest one is going to be my last. Their support used to be really good. Now they are TERRIBLE. I had to fight with them about my DVR being bad and the crap I had to go through to get a warranty repair done was unbelievable.

It is a good price. If these are the newer cameras (ones that show proper color – my first set up showed pink and purple for green. Not overly helpful) they are HD and pretty decent on detail.

in the description: “Backwards Compatible- Compatible with both Night Owl HD analog and industry standard analog BNC cameras”…

No wireless (network/IP) cameras unless you can find some sort of converter box that converts the wireless signal to BNC cable. Probably not worth the money and effort, however.

I used to work for NO, so I can answer some tricky questions. I have a NO DVR at my home, and def paid for the extended warranty. When they work, they work well, and mine has already paid for itself when a FedEx truck plowed my mailbox and drove off. At this price, it’s an excellent deterrent with a decent picture, although 1080p systems aren’t much more these days.

The reason that their support is poor now is because NO fired off 99% of their stateside support (my former company, lol) and moved it overseas. We used to get lots of praise from customers who were just happy to talk to someone who spoke clear English. Happy to say that since I know pretty much all the quirks that I haven’t had cause to contact the “new” Night Owl customer service.

That’s not what they’ve told me. Nice if true, though.

AH! That explains it!! I LOVED the old Support! They were awesome! They’re going to drive away customers with this new system. I also don’t like how they changed the computer app. I can only see ONE camera in HD at a time, rather than all four, which is totally ridiculous. It’s also very slow to bring up the camera views now. They’re just going in the wrong direction!

Yikes, yeah that sounds about right. The company usually doesn’t know when to leave a program well enough alone. I don’t know if this bookmark is easy to get to, so I’m posting it here in the hopes it helps you out: . It sure came in handy for me a lot of the time. Find your model and got to the bottom where it says “Click here to access Remote Viewing Software Downloads”, maybe you’ll get lucky and find a version of the software that works the way it should. You might also make sure the software is set to “Mainstream” when you’re looking at the cameras to get the higher res picture.