Night Owl Pullover Hoodie

question: Is it free shipping on the shirts with bonus items?

reminds me of someone

Abandon the ShirtOff and get some sleep or risk it for a shirt with a bonus item?

it’s only another 51 minutes…must stay awake

Well,… you may as well go to sleep cos this thing isn’t gonna sell.

Looks like our ticker is broken, or this is it for the night.

Bought a few of these hoodies back in the side sales.

I was wondering the same thing because I got some so it can’t be at 100% still.

I have a feeling that this is the last offering … so with that said, here’s the obligatory WORST SHIRT.WOOT-OFF EVER!

@theco2 - what’s the final count?

thinking the latter

I agree with you 100%!!

i think woot is broken

Out of three, is it? Guess one of 'em has to be the bar to rise above.

Was it 3? I thought only 2. Hmmm…

This one is the third one.

My main gripe … not enough AA shirts. Or Wooters posting their desire for them. :slight_smile:

There seemed to be a lot of the jersey zip hoodies (which I won’t buy), and zero long sleeves. Not sure if it was all coincidence, or a sign of product shifts to come.

Yes. The only AA I saw during the day (in and out of work) was Nyan Cat remix. A lot of the hoodies were re-releases.

That’s right I do remember the other one now. Whoops!

PS, Yes, I miss the long sleeves too, there’s only so much closet space for thick hoodies.

It is called “Night Owl” Pullover Hoodie. Maybe if we stay up later there will be some more deals.

The only long sleeves were randoms so…

I have notice that the only woot of that did not change this last hour was shirt. Lame