Night Rider Woot Info Post
I got my monkey at

Night Rider [Balanced] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Navy Woot Tee

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Sort of reminds me of something Hokusai would paint.

Riding the whale? Hanging fin? Other terrible whale surfing jokes?

I like pie.

Eh, sorry guys, I don’t really have much more than that tonight. For a daily it’s alright. Somehow it strikes me as an 80’s style, like it would feel natural in an episode of classic GI Joe.

Nope. Not even close.

I think Kit’s a little jealous, right about now…

Knight Boat would seem more appropriate to me than Knight Rider.

Congrats on the print! This also reminds me of how badly I want to wear Lim’s Flying.

Sweet shirt. Makes me wish I hadn’t taken that vow of nudity.

Riding on the whale’s tail while the whale is making a wave for the rider to ride on… which means a constant wave, but he’s not technically surfing… >.< too confusing and awkward looking.

Ummm… whales aren’t fish. They’re mammals.

And chickens aren’t mammals. They’re birds. And they’re not stupid.

But you were just joking, right?

That poor, unbeknownst surfer! While he enjoys the thrill of ‘riding the wave,’ he is literally getting covered in the old, moist, used air of a surfacing whale.

Quite disgusting when you really think about it. I may need to go shower, this shirt is giving me the willies…

Ah, it’s the Silver Surfer’s cousin, right?

I’m inspired to wear this while runing around a mall and scream at the top of my lungs ‘hang ten dudes!’

Literally, just look at the composition of that wave. It looks borderline coagulated around the edges… kinda like a big ol’ whale loogie.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

Trust me, it’s not going to upset anyone if you toss on a stitch of clothing… in fact, they encourage you to do so.

I didn’t realize that whales could swim fast enough so that someone could use them as surf boards.

The sea was angry that day, my friends…

Oh, I forgot to mention too: The background of the shirt appears to suggest that it may be night outside. Now, I’m no surfer, but that seems a very impractical and unsafe decision on part of the surfer.

So, he may just deserve to be showered in whale slob.