Night School

Who saved a seat for me? Nice collection of night dwellers w/ a wink of humor. Congrats!

I think only the moon will really get the gravity of today’s lesson.


Not fair. The fireflies can cheat from each other’s papers.

I don’t understand what the green and red blur is.

I can just see that moon getting a big head over the instructor teaching about him to the class.

Congrats on the print, Robbie!

congrats and glad to see they let you fix the racoons chair. looks much better now.

I think it is aurora borealis.

Allow me to be the first in what is sure to be a chorus of “it’s the Northern Lights!”


It’s the Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis

The aurora borealis looks great!

Aurora Borealis, The northern lights or

Looks as if one student already got a gold star.

aww I took too long, shoulda just gone with text

Yay! So happy this won.

I also make that face when I have to go outside and be around the sun.

Yep definitely an aurora though it may be Australis not Borealis.

While we’re at it, here’s the full roll call:

First Row (L to R): Aurora, Star, Moth, Moon

Second Row (L to R): Racoon, Batman, Fireflies.

And of course, the teacher is: Mr. Owl!

The blur is an Aurora Borealis, yes?

Nice design. Owl give it an A+. :smiley:

It’s aurora australis, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Now we know where the moon is during the new moon phase.