Night Sports Light-Up Golf Ball 3-Pack

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Night Sports Light-Up Golf Ball 3-Pack
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Time to check out the product page and check out this write up over at

Amazon sells these for $23, with free shipping. If you include shipping, that’s the same price as buying one pack here.

The company’s own website sells a four-pack for $30. If you factor in shipping, that’s a slightly lower price per ball.

You can also get a competitor’s product for about the same price:

I’ve always wanted to try these balls, but $7.50 per ball seems a little steep. Has anyone tried them?

UPDATE: The price on today’s Sports Daily offer has been dropped to $14.99

If you placed a purchase before the change and have any questions/concerns please email into You should also be receiving an email notification regarding this change.

Also needs a screaming monkey sound upon impact.

My daughter bought me a pack of these a while back. They play similar to any middle of the road soft golf ball - don’t expect PRO-V action - but for any mid handicap player you will likely be surprised at how well they play.

the light is also quite good. At dusk, I was able to see one well enough under 12+ feet of water to retrieve it (yes, I hit it directly into the pond. No, it wasn’t just to test the ball)

I have no experience with this brand specifically, but I believe the ones I tested a while ago did come from Woot.

checks order history

Yep, from 2009 -

Those balls were hard as a rock…I assume to protect the internal electronics from the golf club striking it at 85+ mph. Did not like they way they played.

These ones look better in that they don’t flash brightly like the old ones did. It was almost impossible to hit those (your second shot) without being completely distracted. I played the old ones once and then never again.

If I was still playing late-twilight golf, I might give these a shot, but they’re a bit pricey. Will stick with my neon yellow ones as those tend to do pretty okay at dusk.

I use a competitor’s product. It plays fairly well. It has saved my round because it allowed me to finish my round after dusk.

It didn’t make the golf course employees happy. They had to wait for us to finish our round. I play on a course where they have a locked gate to the parking lot.

If I can’t see my golf ball, how am I going to see where the green or hole is?

Tie a glow stick to the pin! Poaching a par 3 at midnite with a couple buddies and possibly drinks = fun.

I had some and they didn’t roll straight, first thought it was me drinking too much… But confirmed it later the balls do not seem centered.

Bought from a different site

got them with free shipping after I bought 4 packs. My group loves them as we play in the evening!

Any indication what colors might be included in these 3-packs?