Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router

Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router

54% got 3…the resellers are busy!


In an average home or apartment, you better have a ton of wifi 6 compatible devices and need I say all streaming at the same time. How many are streaming 4K on 3 Tvs while two game consoles are streaming live upstairs all at the same time?

Right now its limited to the apple and Samsung high end phones supporting wifi 6 , I know its a new standard an all, these new standards are often backwards compatible. Most peoples needs either fall into to buckets Coverage and Bandwidth. Other than looks this router is not ground breaking nor game changing for most of us

I chose a mesh router for both, it doesn’t look as cool


“It’s an older code, sir, but it checks out.”


What’s the warranty on this router? It says 90 days or is it 1 year from Netgear. What’s the return policy?

Hi there. Since we got these from Amazon and we’re not the original purchaser, we’re offering a 90-day woot warranty. It’s possible that Netgear will warranty.

Our return policy offers a 30-day return period. Here’s our return policy:

But aren’t you guys Amazon? I am confused by this statement.

Anyway, these routers are great. The AX8 which can be had much cheaper is just as good and will suffice for most home users. And, as another mentioned, you need high end devices or new wifi adapters for your older equipment to take advantage of the speeds.

For example, I have 1 GIG service from Comcast. Occasionally I hit 1 gig, but realistically normally around 750 megabit during congested hours. My laptop is not wifi6 but still gets around 400-420 megabit through the router (I have the AX8). So, you will max out your older devices and have plenty to room to spread the bandwidth. My Note10+, which is wifi6 gets the full speed. Quite nice!

Independent subsidiary. It’s in an abundance of caution.

And dang well worth it. Customer service @ Woot is super easy to deal with & fast. Amazon is starting to look like what Fry’s was like 20 years ago (they were the definition of bad C.S. for several decades). Anytime I get a problem with Woot it is handled within 24 hours -done deal!!


I have had this one since May and love it. I have a ton of devices (35+) and other than rebooting it regularly (which I do anyway), have not had anything to complain about. Covers the entire 2 story house with no issues. It has handled all the 2.4 ghz devices easily along with 5 ghz. I would definitely recommend.

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Adding to krychek’s recommendation. Covers a 3400sqft single floor house and 1/2 acre backyard without any problems. Streaming HD to three TVs, plus iPhones/iPads, backyard, front yard, flawless. Great replacement for the Linksys Velop tri-band which was nothing but trouble. This one gives me better coverage and fewer (no) blind spots, and operates reliably (the Linksys nodes would disconnect randomly and then one day the whole thing decided to stop working).
The one minor complaint I would have is that the iOS “management” app is very limited. All advanced router configuration (DHCP address reservations, port mapping, DDNS registration…) must be done using the web client. Of course that’s how you configure most routers, but since Netgear bothered to come up with an app, why not make it fully functional.
Other than that, so far so good, it’s been a real champ and I’m very pleased with it.

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Anyone know if you can dial down the range on these? I have a small house and yard, and don’t need to cover my whole neighborhood, but want to cover my cameras and smart home devices. I use a wireless 4G hotspot for internet and want to keep camera NVR traffic off of the hotspot. Is this not the router for me? Thanks

I know very little about wifi, routers and such. Other than cost would there be any negatives for purchasing this router which for sure has more features and capacity and speed than I realistically require for a couple tv’s phones and a few Arlo cameras and Ring doorbell?

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