no idea what derby this came from, but it should have printed before this.


Very cool negative/positive space interaction on this one. I approve.

I am SO excited!!!

I wonder if these hands are the same ones responsible for the lovely painted sunsets at the end of each day?

“Go back to bed, kids. It’s just the moon dripping on the apartment again.”

It’s a cool shirt, but I don’t think I could pull off wearing it.

Congrats on another win, though, cmdixon! I have a bunch of your other shirts and definitely dig your work. Keep it up!

Another very nice EC choice! On a roll!

Great pick, congrats!

Man/woman up (depending on your gender) and try it. All the cool kids will be in awe of you and you will curry the favor of the fates.

I was hoping this design would print at some point. Certainly going to buy one!

Just had my first “first to woot.” In for 2!

WoW! Nice design! I love it :slight_smile: in for 1

Lyrical; last.fming jazz as I look at it + that seems to suit.

That lollipop is melting, and probably tastes like snozzberries.

I am so happy this printed! The colors are beautiful. In for one <3

It was from the Cities derby.

I was expecting the writeup to take a turn for the bedbug.

This is such a beautiful shirt. Wonderful job!