I like the style, but the work itself is too abstract for a shirt? I guess that’s how I’d word it. Very Van-Gogh-y, but not necessarily something I’d choose to wear

I hope you are cleaning up the prokaryotes too, since they’re the bacteria and such XD

So pretty and great choice - congrats Cmdixon!

Finally! I’ve been waiting for so long. Congrats on the print Chris.

I was hoping to see Winged Victory tonight. Oh Well. I like this design too. I’ll gladly pay 10.82 for this T. Nice design !!

I hear ya, but gorgeous artwork isn’t mutually exclusive from t-shirt art. What we wear is ultimately up to our personal tastes, but there’s no such thing as “too abstract for a shirt”, methinks. This is a gorgeous design. I’ll never understand how that can be viewed as a count against its being worn.

Edit- I don’t want this to seem like I’m railing against you, so apologies if that was the tone that was struck. :slight_smile:

Excellent stuff Chris, congrats!

So the hands are painting the city. But the hands are part of the city. So did the hands paint themselves? But if so…actually, I’m gonna stop right there. I don’t want to end up proving black is white and die at a zebra crossing.

Too abstract for me*

It does have an odd intrinsic allure to it, I definitely agree with you there

Even though I don’t have much expendable money, I had to buy this so I can support when great art gets printed over stupid cuteness.

The city should paint me a bed because that’s where I shall be and that’s where I shall stay.

Aww common… I just cleaned up the melted candy off the building from last nights lolly-pop.

Congrats, cmdixon! I’ve been waiting too long for this one to print. Fell in love with it in the derby and have loved it ever since, so I am very happy to finally be able to click that stupidly large gold button for it :).

Reminiscent of Escher’s “Drawing Hands.” Very awesome. :slight_smile:

Now I understand why the city never sleeps.
This is the sort of design I stick around Woot to see printed. This is the 3rd cmdixon shirt I’ll be picking up out of 4 woots.

I have been in <3 with this shirt since the first time it appeared in a derby!!! CMDIXON2… You are by far my favorite artist on the shirt.woot site because of your constant contrast of black and white and grayscale with vibrant color. I love the composition and color palette of this shirt especially! Instant buy.

EDIT: I changed my wording and punctuation a bit. I’m not a kindergarten kid anymore!

so so pretty!!! a little reminiscent of a van gogh. i think it’s the circular strokes around the light.

some things aren’t funny

So glad this printed, automatic buy. If this design had been looked over yet again, I would have had to seriously question my woot loyalty.

Yay, I’m glad to see this one print. Congrats!