Nightlight Saber

While I am a bit Star Wars weary, there has not been nearly enough Rey in the mix. So in for one. Plus, cute and good for sleeping and/or watching space pirate animes in ; )

…while visions of duels danced in her head.

Such a peaceful look as she sleeps in the glow.

I want that wallpapeerrr!

That’s no nightlight.

Beautiful, yet not very safe. Especially if she has a cat like mine who’s always toppling crap over.

Instructions on how to flat serve a tennis ball? I’d rather have instructions on how to copy that hairstyle!

Frikkin’ adorable, or what?

Being a parent my reaction was “No honey, that’s not safe!”

I’m afraid of what happens in the morning when she tries to hit the snooze button!

Forget the safety issues! It’s a t-shirt! It’s awesome!

Informative write-up but I was concerned with the second step:
“-stand in position - point your left foot towards the cross-court post. your right food should be parallel to the court.”

No food on the tennis court!

That’s how she loses her hand.

True story: More Jedis lose an arm due to the snooze alarm than actual battle. The more you know.

Might be hard to find anymore, but a toy company called Uncle Milton genuinely sold lightsaber room lights a few years back.

i’m both grateful and concerned that you guys are reading these things

Yeah, and when BB-8 accidentally bumps the nightstand, knocking over the lightsaber and cutting her head off, who’s going to save the universe now, huh? HUH??

My son’s response: “I hope she doesn’t have a violent flashback every time she tries to turn it off”