Nightmare on Wall Street

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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ehh. was hoping for a tie.

Love it. got one. Can’t wait. Hope to see more like this

They say 3’s a lucky number, and I have a couple goin’ on today :wink:

Thanks to everyone who voted.

For those of you who’d like more insight into my thought process:

***…It’s definitely a revolt against ‘the man’. The sort of ‘get up on your chair and burn your tie’ sort of thing anyone who feels confined within the four walls of a cubicle can appreciate all too well. It’s the kind of revolution that compels someone full of creativity to break all social morés (and possibly some laws) in order to express themselves.

Break out of the box and be you (or something).

Am I the only one who thought the hand was flipping the bird for second?

LOVE this shirt! In!

<3 Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Was hoping this would win.

You, sir, have been purchased.

Fourth time’s the charm!

Congrats on the win, dude- I know a lot of people have been rooting for this to win for a long time.

The sunset idea is awesome :slight_smile:

i thought the same thing.
i had to bring my husband in to see what he thought

I don’t get it… can someone explain the meaning behind this shirt? Is this some commentary regarding 9/11?

Even though I loathe objectivism, I love the Ayn Rand reference in the color description. 3rd shirt.woot purchase in the 1 or 2 weeks I’ve been on this site.

Nice design!

Not for me sadly.

Me too.

I thought this design was pretty cool, but I’m not getting it for two reasons.

  1. Already bought a shirt this weekend.
  2. The print seems large, which will look awkward.

Hmm… do I like this?

Yay Derek!

thought it was a “shocker” for a second.

This one and Scientific Revolution were the only ones I voted for, so either way I was buying. Grats on the win, though my preference was for the other :stuck_out_tongue:

More like commentary regarding Wall Street, just as the title states. The corporate life is rigid and boring. This shows someone rebelling against it.

I gotta have this shirt!