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Little Nemo vs. the squid monster from Hellboy. I gotta get to the bookie!

I did not expect this to be anywhere in the top 3.

Real heroes wear footie pajamas.

In principal, anything with six legs, a hairy body, and kid-mashing teeth should immediately be destroyed.

Man…I wish Michael Bay directed my dreams!

I think he should have went with the mole suit for this battle. Moles are the natural predator of crazy squid monsters.

The monster looks like it really just wanted a hug…

Blasted! Only a few votes off :slight_smile:
Congrats sir.

I didn’t know sea chimp would turn so bad.

hehe I <3 footie pajamas. They make everything just a little cuter!

is this animal falling or floating?

The only reason this little kid was able to conquer the monster is it’s not a scary monster. He’s all soft and fuzzy and he doesn’t even have sharp teeth!

Thanks everyone for giving this a second chance at life! I was scared that it wasn’t going to make it. get it… scared. :stuck_out_tongue:

And out of the swirling vortex, the multiarmed wonder comes to reclaim his best buddy, Blinky. No wonder the big galoot has nightmares.

Until they grow too tall. The footies turn to major wedgies.

Whoa… that INK’D tee in the banner ad looks pretty sweet…

I wonder if this ‘monster’ is the ancient ancestor that links cephalopods to mammals?

My nightmares involve being shot in the forehead with a plunger as well. I feel for the monster. :frowning: