The swirls are hypnotic.

The second I saw this, I knew it was an Artulo. Well done! Congrats on the print!

Considering how this has the word “night” in the title, dont you guys think you should have put some of the glow in the dark in this shirt?!

That is a sexy moth.

do I hear lambs? No, I do not. Nice one Artulo :slight_smile:

Crap. Now I’ve got to go add another mothman sighting to the wikipedia page.

Reminds me of The Mothman Prophecies, congrats on the print.

mmmmm I have a craving for some favabeans and Chianti .

…and I shall call him Hairy.

Meh… the streak of shirt.woot lately has left me in a less then impressed stage for a few days now. I guess its just not my style >_>

Artulo, have we seen this before?

Now, excuse me, I am having some old friends over for dinner.

Was this not entered into a derby some time ago?

I’ll have to sleep on this one… kinda cool tho

What are these weird lil people avatars we have now? I just noticed them…lol.

Good pick up woot. Congrats Artulo.

Don’t Wear This Shirt: Around 2 Red Lights

It kind of has a “Donnie Darko” feel to it.

Don’t Wear This Shirt: In Point Pleasant, West Virginia

This looks like a rorschach test test I once saw.

All moths give me the creeps. It’s their flight patterns, or lack thereof. I can’t predict where they’ll go.