Oooooh! THAT’S how that works!

Looks like the one on the right is releasing gas. Teehee.

is that nevada or indiana?

Three owls and a mountain are better than three wolves and a moon any day.

Look out Mr. Owl! The Mountain Octopus is after your Tootsie Roll Pop!

This is kind of… strangely awesome.

I once had a vision quest very similar to this.

It just looks like Ninjatown: Trees of Doom.

This shirt makes me feel like I’m being sucked into a time wrinkle or 9th dimension.

It’s Maine with its nose cut off.

I think I’ll be getting this in the morning.

I haven’t picked up a Woot shirt in months, but tonight’s tee is going to make me change that.

Beautiful work, Hector!

What are those clouds doing? Cuz it sure doesn’t look like rain…

And my torso isn’t corpulent…I don’t know if I should take offense to that or not…


I think he has a rocket on his back.

A grass shirt does not say “nighttime” to me. That’s like a Cream shirt trying to convey the message of chocolate milk.

(come to think of it, that might make a half decent shirt… if it wasn’t in cream)

I always knew Indiana was freakin’ creepy! (love the shirt)

Apparently the designer’s mom lives in Colorado.

To me, it looks like nighttime is bursting through the green. Kinda like the chestburster in “Alien”.

This is AWESOME!!!

So, I’m unsure if it’s all the awesomeness the shirt brings or the over-sensation of the viewer’s senses (while trying to take it all in), but this shirt needs a warning.

Like, Caution: Do NOT view while operating heavy machinery, driving a vehicle, after eating 25 belly bombers, etc. etc. etc.