Nightwatcher Security Lights with Camera

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Does the model with camera have network/wifi, or would I have to get the ladder out and retrieve the SD card every time I want to view images?

Yeah, this…

Depends on how tall you are.

And how high the light is mounted you can’t forget that.

This model does not have wifi. You will have to retrieve the SD whenever you would like to view the contents.

What is the largest GB micro SD for the camera ?

We recommend no larger than a 32GB SD card.

Does the recording feature work during daylight hours ?

Yes, it can! It comes with three different modes. 1 - Camera works 24/7, the light and speaker will only be activated at night. 2 - Light, Camera and Speaker will work 24/7. 3 - Camera will work 24/7, the light will work at night only and the speaker will operator during day only. I hope this helps!

How is this powered , battery - what size and how many? Solar? Or is it wires?

Last bullet:

Requires hardwire connection to 120V power source