Nightwatcher Security Motion Track Lights

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How fast will this track a moving heat source?

Why is this any better than any other motion detecting light–I don’t get it?

It’s better than one motion detecting light, because it’s like having 3 of them in a single fixture :slight_smile:

Specs say: Robotic head rotates left and right with total movement of 220°

Looking at the diagram, there are 3 sensors, and the light head will swivel to one of three fixed positions in response to motion?

This is the best price I’ve seen on the non-camera model, better even than Costco’s clearance price was.

Hi There,

This is totally different and better than any traditional motion sensor light because the light moves with the motion. It has sensors that can track movement up to 220 degrees, and the light will span back and forth to keep up with the motion so it looks as if someone is actually watching the movement. Check out our video here to get a better idea: Versonel Nightwatcher Pro Robotic Security Lighting - YouTube

What is the operating temperature of the light? Will it work down to -30’F ?

What is the power consumption of just the light when illuminated all night?

These will work from a temp of -4 to 104 degrees F. I hope this helps!

I hope that’s what the lawyers told you to say because I’ve already placed my order and I’m putting them up against the coastal Maine weather :slight_smile: