Nike AC1126 Sport Armband for iPod Nano

$5 shipping ruins this completely

woot off

In for three. I was just thinking about doing the whole Nike+iPod thing.

Is this for 2nd or 3rd gen nano? To me, it looks like its for the older model.

I literally ordered an armband 2 days ago. Are the Nikes any better than generic-types?

More specifically, this one?

i would go for it but the shipping completely trashes the good deal of a penny

Looks like it works with first or second gen nano, since it can stretch. I dont mind the screen being completely covered so im in for 3.

width? what about length?

I just measured my “guns” and I would need 16" at least.

My current armband is 2 strapped togeather. Not sure you can do that with this design.


haha I saw 0.01 and pressed the I Want It button. I need help. XD

Yeah, it’s for the older model. I got a case of these from the last B.O.C… I wasa able to squeeze other mp3 players, like the sandisk M230, into the slot, though I don’t know how practical it is, since there’s no way then to access any of the buttons.

Fits iPod nano 1st generation/2nd generation only

1 or 3 … doesn’t matter… i have a nano… thats it… in for 3!

shoot , in for three, one for my kid and two for ebay, IF i can get rid of them…

Anyone wanna buy some Nyko Top button thingy-s

I’ve had pretty good luck with my Sansa fitting in the older iPoop nanu stuff. The Sansa is one millimeter thicker so it’s a tighter squeeze.

In for 3, my brother might want one too

The Nike armbands have extra room for the Nike+ receiver.

I have a couple different sansas too. Bought three hoping I can squeeze the little things in there.

Of course, I sent off three credit card bills today. You would think that would have taught me a lesson

in for 3. bought 6 of the carrying cases from the two for tuesday the other day, also. now all i need is the desire to run and some friends to dole out the leftovers to.

I totally got about 12 of these in my b.o.c from the last woot off. heh.

I can’t believe I purchased 3 of these armbands. I think I’m gonna take a razor blade to one of them and make a ghetto window for my nano.