Nike Grade A Recycled Golf Balls 36-Pack

Here’s your chance to get back the balls you lost in the water hazard.

woot sent me a dozen of these in my last boggy old creature. only lost one so far.

Snapping turtle?

is this a good deal? i know i can get a lot of recycled balls for about the same price, not sure how many, but they aren’t nike quality


I wish they would specify which ball these are exactly. I don’t want a pack of all mixed balls. Usually when you buy recycled balls they will tell you the ball model.

I jumped on the WOOT deal for Reload Recycled Titleist Pro-V1s … what a bunch of crap! The majority of the balls were scuffed. Never again.

Seeing how Golf ball divers are getting paid about $.02 a ball I don’t see them trying very hard to weed out the bad balls. Now the people that are charging you the end user about $.41 they should be weeding out the crap.

I hang out with the ball divers at the dive shop on Saturdays and let me tell you, they find some strange stuff in those ponds, also there are a lot of them that want to quit the business because they have been getting paid $.02 a ball sense 1988.

Got some of these before and they are good quality,also handy if you miss a shot you can always say “Darn recycled balls,looks like that one was a little warped”

I bought these last time and they are great. Recycled balls are just as good as new but a fraction of the price.

STAY AWAY!!! Bought three dozen Titleist ProV’s from these guys last year. They were supposed to be Grade A, more like grade F. All scuffed, some water logged and with yellow blotches on them. Never again.

I had pretty good luck with the last golf ball offer from these guys. The Titleist NXTs I got were in very good shape.

On the fence with this one, Nike balls are not my favorite. Would be in for three if it was Titleist or Noodle.

AVOID.I don’t post many comments on here but last time Reload offered their “recycled” Pro V’s, the price was low enough that I couldn’t go wrong. Only problem is I did go wrong. These were without question the WORST recycled golf balls I had ever seen and almost comical. I know what recycled means and my expectations were low enough to not be surprised but these balls had tree marks, concrete burns, personal markings, extreme discoloration from the elements and were almost a gag to the the recycled ball industry. If you are looking for shag balls, these are fine, if you are looking for some you would play a round of golf with, you are better off driving your first tee shot into the woods and hunting in there for some lost balls. The quality will be better. I wish I were home, I would post pictures for your enjoyment of “recycled”

I bought the Nike recycled the last time they came up. A few of them had small scratches but nothing major. I have been pretty happy with them so far. I think they were a few bucks cheaper last time but I have been very happy with my purchase of the Nike Balls. Don’t let the Pro-V1 fiasco deter you from these.

I bought three dozen of PG’s recycled balls several months ago off Woot. The balls where junk not even worth hitting into the water. I contacted the ball company, PG in Sugar Land TX, and like their balls they too were worthless. Don’t waste your money on bad balls from PG. (I’m thinkin’ PG must stand for POOR GOLF!)

I had the same (bad) experience with the Pro V1ss but want to give Woot another try.

Totally agree, I bought the Titelist Pro V 1 from them a few months ago and most balls were garbage. Cart path scuffs on most of them. Out of 36 could only use about 3 the rest went into the shag bag.

You can buy a bucket of 50 mixed recycled at your local Golf Town for $20 with all sorts of major names. You can also get all exclusive recycled Nikes and other big names for $35 per bucket. This deal seems mediocre.

I didn’t get the V1’s but I did buy 3x36 of these exact Nike packs last time around (I think they were about $12 then).

I am a crappy golfer (I have to add the cost of expected lost balls to the cost of a round each time I play because I know I am going to go through half the balls in my bag), so these were good for me.

I would say that >80% of these balls looked brand new. Most of the others looked “recycled” i.e. slightly less shiny than the new looking ones, but very few actually looked bad and none so far are unusable.

Having said all that I can get 12 Wilson FLI balls brand new from Walmart for $5, which is cheaper even after tax, than 3 of these with shipping.