Nike Grade A Recycled Golf Balls 36-Pack



My brother is a pro and you are not insulting a pro when you get them recycled golf balls. A good golfer can use any club and any ball to show off their abilities.


Great Product very happy with the Balls There were a few that were probably unusable but for the most part they were fine. I did notice some were really old.


Bought last time, would like to see some other brands (noodle, bridgestone, titlist) before I buy any more though.


Bought last time. Mine had mostly mojos, ndx and pd long/soft.

I think two had minor scuffs and one discolored but not bad. A great deal.


Are these a variety of compression ratings or are they all the same. If they are the same, what compression are they?


If they are like the last round, they are assorted models so they would be a variety.