Nike IC Putter

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Nike IC Putter
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Nike IC Putter

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I’m wondering if my wife chases me down with these clubs if they’ll cause any sort of damage to me or my car?

damn, how many putters is woot selling? cuz im too lazy to count.

Nike makes great golf clubs in general, but I have never been impressed with their putters.

If you want a great putter, grab an Oddysey, a Heavy Putter, a Scotty Cameron or a Ping.

Yeah, they cost a bit more, but their superior balance makes all the difference.

Will this cause me to cheat on my wife?

Ah, to be into golf enough to have any clue what type or size club I would need…

$110 on amazon

Here’s the site for Nike’s putters, you may have to use the left hand bar to find the exact model since multiple models are listed for sale but it’s easy.

Woot is encouraging hedonistic lifestyles! Everyone knows golfing leads to adultry.

Review of the 20-20

Video Review of the 20-20, 20-15, and 20-10

However, it is in English… so if you need it in American, you are SOL… I’ll try to find a translator… :wink:

Putter? I barely know 'er!

Interesting… can someone explain what “noise” is when you putt? I’ve only begun learning about golf and haven’t heard of this term.

damn, just because tiger woods didnt buy any putters for the last couple montths, woot has huge overstock on these? sell me some taylor made drivers please…

The key to a good putter is the ability to pick up your ball off the green so you don’t have to bend over. None of these pass the test.

So do these come with the Sex Addiction classes too? (Had to do a Tiger joke)

consider this, the 20-20 used value is like 15 bucks right now.

Golf Monthly has a video review of these here:

Yeah Tiger Woods doesn’t even use Nike Putters, he uses the Scotty Cameron’s