Nike Sport Kit Carrying Case for MP3 Players – 2 Pack



I use a plastic bag, does the same thing.


only works with nano?


I got 6 of these last time and they are great - and they hold the Zune!


arf. I still have 5 left over from the last time I bought these… works great for my Nav-Cam gps and cord.


5 stars on Amazon. SO it’s good if you need it.


I can’t believe this, I just bought one of these 2 weeks ago. Maybe I can still Return it. Pretty decent price, The Side Deal has a few MP3 Cables…


Nice, in for 3.


will it hold a classic ipod?


Bought 3 (6) a month ago. Don’t need any more…


you sir, are a pioneer


who would seriously want 6 of these things. waste of space.


No ‘Two for Tuesday’ Logo?

Sorry I just can’t buy it without the logo.


Just got this a month ago. Good price, but the better deal today is the side deal. The HDMI cable is half the price as tigerdirect was yesterday. I used these guys last time when I got the patch cables for my Xbox and PS3 from showmecables, they even shipped them out the same day.

For those who asked, the inside fits an Ipod and a shuffle, but it is a thin foam that can easily be cut to shape to hold other devices. I cut one with an exacto to hold my Sansa player, and the other to fit my Ipod Touch. Pretty handy, and the cable holder spool in the back is great!


Looks like someone gave it a “check-plus”…


wish there was a pictured size comparison. I know they give dimensions but it’s too late for me to think in inches.


will it carry the iPod Touch


and did you find any use for the ones you bought, or are they just collecting dust?


I like the Kensington 300 I Wooted. It has the built-in speaker. But this is so dang cheap I have to get a set.


Not these again! I bought 6 last time thinking they would be handy general purpose carrying pouches. But they have some kind of rigid insert so they’re fine for their advertised purpose (music player and coiled up earbuds) and useless for anything else. I forgot I had them til now, I probably will bring them into work and try to give them away or something. Oh well, at least they were cheap.