Nike Sunglasses

Are the others also polarized (besides the one that is labeled polarized)?

They’re labeled as such if they’re polarized.

These look nice, but do they come with any specs about light transmission %? When they mention “Includes second pair of accessory lenses” —what are these lenses? Clear, purple, brown, grey, yellow?

Good questions, and I’m not so savvy about sunglasses. I emailed our buyer to see if we can clarify those details for you.

UPDATE: Looks like we both missed the lens colors included, they’re in the title. The remaining available pair is gray/green.

As for light transmission, we don’t have that info available. You might reach out to Nike directly, as they might have more insight. Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help!

I just want to make sure I understand… The lenses are interchangeable? Will I be able to buy some amber/yellow lenses for use in these glasses?