Nike Sunglasses



Sunglasses are good for when you’re out in the snow too and it gets suddenly bright. Do you have a special pair for winter sports, or will these suffice?


Polarized sunglasses will cut down on the glare from the snow.


Just picked up the Polarized Avid pair.
These look pretty darn nice and I can’t seem to find a price anywhere close to this online.


I’ve had the polarized Nix shades for a while now. Got 'em from ben’s outlet for 10 bucks cheaper, but definitely worth the price here.

Quality is similar to Oakley for a fraction of the price (made in china)

#6 has these glasses all for about the same price except the polarized are $10 more.

They do look fairly nice.


Could you share a direct link to the glasses you’re talking about on

They don’t seem to have the same polarization and prices as the ones we have listed here in this Woot Plus event.

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