Nike Sunglasses

Five dollars off from Amazon and they ship free!

Does the Ignite (EV0575) really come with a hard case, as stated in the description?

That would make it a much better deal!


$40 at Costco if you’re a member and have one near-by. I got a pair of the Tailwinds. They’re pretty good for cycling and running. They’re polarized which also helps with glare. Only con is they don’t have a lot of contrast. So things get really dark if you’re going from bright to shaded light conditions.

Yep! don’t let the list price fool you. Woot! used to not play that kind of games. I am disappointed!

Don’t think any of these are polarized.

Yugster has them for $39.97 with free shipping. This is not a deal…

I work in the optical field and I can tell you one thing that is wrong with these sunglasses… They are not Oakley

I realized that after posting. Another plus for the Costco ones.

I must disagree. I owend Oakleys when I worked as a lifeguard. Yes, they were nice, but I have also since equally enjoyed a pair of polarized Nike sunglasses (worn for training/triathlons). The Nikes didn’t last quite as long as the Oakleys, but they worked just as well. I figure cost per wear probably came out in the wash.

My current sunglasses are polarized Bolle Anaconda. I have only had them for a few months, but fit and function rival the Oakleys. Only time will tell how long they last.