Nike Unisex 3pr Dri-Fit Cushion Crew

Nike seems to make this “001-BLACK” in a number of blends (as listed in Amazon). Can you please clarify whether this is this 100% COTTON or a mix with how much cotton? Thank you.

good question! I have updated the product info. Content is “49% polyester/43% cotton/6% nylon/2% spandex”. It’s unlikely to encounter a moisture-wicking material that is 100% cotton. A lot of these products are a blend.

Consumer’s Digest has a great article about different performance fabrics. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for the answer above.

An article in Bustle (yeah men can Google that too) does say that lightweight 100% cotton is actually better for breathabilty of fabric. Blends do wick away sweat better but tend to use heavier weight cotton or can have weaves which can reflect heat and make more sweat.

So the problem is not simple. Wicking away is reduction of sweat retention but there should also be a goal of reducing sweat generation. But the reviews are good so here’s hoping they live up to name.