Nike Unitized Putter

Wow, Nike and Woot selling together. These putters won top prizes from golf digest last year. They retail for around $150.00 Good Deal Here

Sweet, I can get one of each, I can use a different putter each time I go golfing the next five years.



which one do we get???

Due to the overwhelming support of the last nike golf club…

golfing season is almost over!!!

Ugly… even uglier than my golf pants.

ugh, if I actually played golf…come on, give me something I WANT to buy!!!

dang! those look like sweet putters. Wish I had the cash…and still played even.

aren’t nike putters what took Tiger’s game down for a season or so?

Balls on Chin

CARP< CARP<CARP all this is good for is goofy golf.

This will not work as I am left handed :frowning:

Welcome to the internet, I hope you enjoy your stay.

sweet putters!!! Arnt they a little short for putters???

I’m gonna buy 4

anyone up for putt putt golf

Neo… hmmm do you choose the red pill, or the blue pill?