Nike V-Rev Wedge (RH/LH)

Some additional info can be found over at

Let’s watch a video review [youtube=yp6IH0f1_Wo][/youtube]

The description calls them the pro forged version but on the Nike website the club has the word “Pro” on it. Also, on another website the $129 retail wedge with the X3X grooves also looks different with the word forged on it. Seem to be a pic of the older cast version from seeing other pics. Are the picture and description correct? Just an older model? Maybe I cannot find the right one on other websites.

Dang, waaaay too much bounce for me on the only loft I would even think about. I was really hoping for something in 52/8 or 52/10 in the black… but alas.

Next time Woot, I’ll be faster!

I’m wondering the same thing, but it doesn’t look like your question will be answered.

sorry, i was waiting for a response from folks. wanted to be certain.

these are not forged wedges.

i apologize for any confusion this has caused.