Nike Vaporwing Sport Sunglasses

Nike Vaporwing Sport Sunglasses

What do the sizes mean? “62-20-131mm” and “86-7-131mm” don’t do anything for me, and I don’t see any explanation in the product listing or specs.

Here you go

I wish I could get some prescription douche-goggles like these. I hate anything near my eyes so I can’t get contacts so I will forever be without.

Look at sportRX, I have a pair of oaklys with my exact prescription, 2-3 hundred cheaper than my local optometrist. Good luck

There are places online that will make the lenses for you.

OK, but there are two styles and the primary difference is not any of the provided dimensions, but the height of the lens - one is shorter than the other. I am guessing that one style is the vaporwing and the other is vaporwing elite. But which is which?

If you go to the images, the ones with (913) at the end are the Vaporwing Elite, the ones with (914) at the end are Vaporwing.

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Based on this review it doesn’t appear that there is a difference in size between the two styles. The main difference is that the Elite has a “one-piece” lens where the base model has a plastic piece above the nose bridge: Nike Vaporwing & Vaporwing Elite Unboxing & Review | SportRx - YouTube

I’m using this – all the time :rofl: