Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

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Gentlemen, start your Quality Posts:
[]p2, Bo has a Froogle link
]p2, DIEorLIVEproductions offers some techie specs
[]p3, bravo! has good news for “all those people worred about frequencies”
]p4, fskim “bought one of these last year for $50 and it was worth it”
[]p4, kayabound estimates that “this is easily a $75 car in toy stores”
]p4, sdeutsch emails us about frequencies, and posts our response

This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks Woot!

I couldn’t find anything like this on e-Bay, but it looks like a good stocking stuffer.

I’ll get one for all the kids!

wow, that looks pretty sweet, and knowing woot that’s gotta be a good deal :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll see if i can pick one of these up for my younger friend.

My friend would love this. Wait, he did when I got him one last year.

Thats a nice yellow car!!! I wonder where w00t gets all these R/C things.

Hoping for a helicopter soon!

Nice! but I wanted an sti! :frowning:

nice, but I dont need a toy car, a new one, then we are talking.

sweet woot

very cool woot! if xmas wasn’t so close i’d buy it for myself and not my 11 year old cousin!

I have one that I paid 55 bucks for… It’s worth it!

I always loved Lancer Evo… but Nikko brand? ewww…

now i can afford a pimped out lancer… my wildest christmas dreams have come true

wife’s prego. not sure if it’s a boy or a girl…

maybe i should get this just in case :wink:

Come on Woot, you can do better. But hey thats not bad. I would get one if anyone still needed christmass gifts.

I was looking to buy a new car. My Honda Accord is really old now.

Eh, for the enthusiast I guess I could see the attraction. But I’m definitely not that kind of enthusiast. Perhaps if I could break a few laws with it, then we’ll talk.


Blah - Same price as Froogle!

awesome. good price for christmas.

EEERRGG, Looking for a good woot. Not since the monster surround system.