Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car



Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car


Is that a ‘Time Bandits’ reference? If so, bitchin’!


lovin the time bandits reference.


Nikko 1/14 Scale Lancer Evo High Performance R/C Car
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New


On Froggle:
$49.99 plus shipping


This is a good little RC car. I got one when it was for sale here last and I love it. Full charge makes it go around 15 mph which isn’t the best but look at the price. AND it comes with the battery and charger (normally $20)


$5 less than last time when I bought one for my nephew. He loves it! It goes really fast. Come on people, buy, buy, buy!!!


We snabbed this last time on Woot. This thing’s fun as a mofo. Buy one!


I bought one of these and it is pretty fun. It is faster than the car from the movie (not saying much there, however)! The battery life is not that great, only giving you about 15-45mins of fun depending on your fastness and furiousness. Like the real car, it has a stupid looking wing on the back, and a funtionally useless roof scoop, but it is nothing that a little body work won’t fix.


Wootoffs last a few hours up to a few days. The last one I believe lasted 13 days, and 2 men were died while harvesting the BOCs. Sometimes they wonder if its worth it. And I am incliined to believe that yes, yes it is worth it.


I saw this
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I understand rounding, but 150% ?


This is living proof that things “Can get worse.” However, it looks like this woot has surprisingly sold out. BTW Woot, if you didn’t get a chance to view my last post, here it is again.

Wow…is woot being backed by a dial-up connection. I’m tired of this problem Woot! It’s time you put some money back in your business and purchase a reliable internet connection and ditch the Windows server running ASP. PHP is the new ASP (not really) so spend the money and stop the frustration… we would thank you if you did.


large pic


Last time I took it apart and gave it a carbon fiber body look by covering the entire thing in black duct tape… pretty sweet looking.

Just a note… if you jump it off of 2 stories or more it will end up looking like this

that pic has the body covered in duct tape… looked better and smoother right after I had done it.

The only real part that broke was a few pieces of plastic, and the magnets shattered inside the motor… ooops

That bound up the motor and I had to spin to break it free to get it to run even a little.


Got mine today… 4 hour rapid charger… LOL got a laugh out of that.
but anyway, after 20minutes charging… I had to try it… damn the thing is fast.