Nikko Landshark R/C Amphibious Vehicle


[imgleft][/imgleft] Nikko Landshark R/C Amphibious Vehicle - Sunday, December 11, 2005
Item qty: 800, Last Order: 7:56 AM CST, Wooter to blame: sarika01
Order Pace: 0m 39.737s, Woot Wage: $3,018.85/hour.


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… “durable, unstoppable, and most importantly for you”, a few Quality Posts:

[]p1, AKrotkov researches the price.
]p2, jumpball saves corderbo frompursuing fruitless, legal endeavours.
[]p3, gimmaroon provides links, one of which says this is good on “mud, ice and snow”.
]p4, BlindWilly explains the the TAXSUCKS Coupon for fellow Texans.


Very cool woot.


Hehe, I might just get this for my cousins! :slight_smile:


WTF, come’on woot give us geek gifts…


land shark? from the old SNL?

let me make a prediction

igotbigwooters will be banned for life?


Wow… yet to see a rc before! :slight_smile:


Gotta get me one of these.


Not for me!!! Mmmmm … Good night guys!!!


nooooooo!!! snape killed land shark… what ??
ummm. its winter ?? isnt this a summer toy??


Nice , but not what I am looking for…Woot Night all


bleh! what a piece of crap!

come on woot, give us something better!

Bag of crap perhaps!


Anyone see woot wine from yesterday for a few refreshes???


SWEET! but no thanks. How bout another B of C before the holiday, as a present to your loyal wooters, or a dvd burner, just something cool would be great.


Awesome! R/C stuff rocks! w00t!


rock on I say, I will launch an amphibious attack on all liberals


Very Nice Woot! Good Price :slight_smile:


Arrrgh, wish it was more computer parts! They make better gifts… (for me!) Is it wrong to give your self gifts?


Ya know, it might make sense to actually block a particular ip address or put a restriction on post length…

btw, awesome woot. Just wish there was water around my house :frowning:


I love RC stuff. Is this any good?