Nikko Pro-Class 10th Scale F1 RC Racecar



So here is what Nikko RC stuff is going for on ebay:

eBay Results: Nikko RC Racecar

I couldn’t find the exact model, but hopefully that will give some idea of what the value? Maybe…


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Nikko Pro-Class 10th Scale F1 RC Racecar
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Nikko Pro-Class 10th Scale F1 RC Racecar
Style: Blue F1 Williams, Red F1 Ferrari


Sweet… I’d be interested in the BMW F1 Williams car… but I am broke right now. :slight_smile:


they look cool and 24 mph? thats pretty fast, anyone have these?

WHOA Nikko website says 14 mph, whats up with that WooT???


I wonder how much HP paid off w00t for this :stuck_out_tongue:


Get this instead:



YouTube video of one in action…


Cheaper on ebay.

For about $50 and a search for “f1 rc” you can get the same thing.

Not Nikko pro-class…

But still cheaper.


You can get a bunch of items on eBay that aren’t the same thing. That’s irrelevant. These exact ones are $149 on amazon. This is a pretty good deal.


These are 1:10, your link is to 1:14.


Im telling you. Buy the Tamiya. It is a real RC car made by a very reputable company in the rc hobby world. Nikko is toy quality.


As of 17 minutes after the item appeared on sellout.woot the cars are now $101.53 on amazon. But, that’s with only one battery. The reviews on amazon say the car goes between 20 - 30 mph, which is inline with the woot advert.


Your link is to the 1/14 scale this is to the 1/10th scale F-1


Wife is going to kill me :slight_smile: Bought both of them… Maybe she wont notice them as they chase after our little mutt’s…


The Tamiya video looks a good deal cooler than the Nikko video, especially since it isn’t filled with fake car revving sound effects (like the Nikko video). One thing you should have mentioned is that the Tamiya in the link you provided at the beginning of the comments is currently on sale for $55 ($145 MSRP).


You were looking at 14th scale… 14mph
click “next car” and you’ll find the 10th scale go 24 MPH!! Whoohoooo


Also didn’t mention you’re comparing an upgraded Tamiya to the stock Nikko…
Upgrade the Nikko and you’d have a more fair comparison.


The Tamiya looks nice. Any major differences between the 9.6v battery and the 7.2v in terms of run time?